• Cover Plate Screws

    Cover plate 6mm flat head phillips screws for Heavy Duty (15mm) and Standard (12mm) hinges. Standard 12mm fits Berlin, Cardiff, Concord, Esta...
  • Wall Mount Back Plate Screws

    Replacement screws for wall mount hinges - non-rust Two sizes in 2" and 3" lengths sheet metal screws #10 thickness 10 per pack or 50 per...
  • Hinge Gaskets

    Replacement gaskets to fit many popular hinges. Packages contain 2 thick and 2 thin gaskets in clear plastic which provides the best grip. ...
  • Fasco Pivot Hinge Block

    Pivot block for Fasco hinge
  • Manhattan - Maax Pivot Door Block

    Top and bottom pivot door block holds framed shower door in position For Manhattan shower doors by Maax
  • Manhattan Pivot Assembly

    Pivot assembly for framed shower door by Manhattan - Maax. Diecast.
  • Wheels For Sliding Doors

    Rollers for 2 and 3 panel sliding shower doors 3/4 inch white flat nylon roller with stainless steel ball bearing Maintenance free Sold...
  • Manhattan-Maax Wheel Assembly

    Fits Maax Contura Sliding Doors for 32, 36 or 40" bases
  • Test Item

    This is a test item do not fulfill
  • Maax Illusion Wheel Assembly

    Neo Angle roller wheel and assembly for Maax illusion Showers
  • Manhattan-Maax Magnetic Seal Pivolock

    Magnet for door and closing jamb of Manhattan Maax Pivolock door Sold in 72" lengths Width 10mm or 3/8" Thickness 4mm or 5/32"

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